The Need

The need to transfer sensitive data, in a secured and safe way is growing fast. The typical method for transferring files is to upload and download files through cloud servers, whose level of security and location are unknown – like Drive, icloud, OneDrive, dropbox etc. Servers remain the favorite target for hackers.
The amount of hacking attacks directed at corporate servers is high.
The existing systems hold a high risk for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands.

The Solution

A new system based on advanced technology building blocks, developed for the purpose of maximizing file transfer security, high-performance, bypassing delays and "traffic jams".

The solution is based on innovative and up-to-date technology to transfer files directly from one computer to another, by creating a direct line between the two computers before the information has been transferred, and closing it after the transfer is complete. There are no cloud servers on the way, the information is secured with end-to-end encryption, and sent with a code directly from the sender to the recipient.

No one can see the files.

The solution can be used by every organization to handle sensitive information independently. The purchasing organization will not be dependent on the sellers after purchasing the solution and will be completely independent. The sellers do not have any possibility of remote access to the system.

The company provides client insruction. The system, with being unique and hard to crack, is easy to use and understand. Any technician can install it to a large number of clients within the same organization. Each client's user experience will be completely normal – just secured.

The company provides warranty for the service period, and we are available 24/7 for our clients.

CopyV's developers gained their extensive experience in the fields of computer engineering, communications systems, Internet development, systems engineering, and computer science. Entrepreneurs: Yosi Hadar, M.Sc. and Arie Keren, PhD.