Private Cloud

Direct - Fast - Easy - Secured

Use the same username in all devices

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All-In-One Free App


Makes any TV a Smart-TV.

  • Access via android-dongle to PC's contents with security mechanism.
  • Stream video or music, directly from PCs - Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Download any file, directly from PCs.


Work with Your Rich Content Across the Web.

  • Direct access via smartphone/tablet to your PC’s folders at home, office, etc.
  • Download any file to mobile-device from your PCs.
  • Send any file from your mobile-device to your PCs.


PC to PC PC to PC

Control from your hand.

Use your smartphone to control and transfer files between your pc\mac computers, in a few CopyV methods:

  • Send to peer - Directly between PCs, no servers involved, when the software is installed in both PCs.
  • Send p2p link - Directly between PCs and obtaining file via a link, when the software is installed in both PCs.
  • Send server link - Uploading and Downloading the file from the server.

PC to PC

Back Up Your Smartphone.

There’s nothing more painful than losing all your personal items of sentimental value, contact list and other important data. Unfortunately, smartphones do get damaged or lost, leading to an undisputed need for backup of photos and other data.


PC to PC

Back Up Your PCs.

CopyV, P2P Backup System enables you, in a very short time and easy way, to make automatic copies of files, only changes from multiple computers connected to any personal or external hard disk via internet or LAN.
No cloud involved or any hardware configuration.

PC to PC
PC to PC

Making the World Smaller.

CopyV allows you send files direct, fast in highly secure with just few Copy and Paste clicks. No upload and hosting files in any servers located at unknown sites whose reliability and security are unknown and remain the favorite for hacker.

Copyv is "Pure" peer-to-peer connection, no sharing bandwidth, no "traffic jams" resulting from hundreds of users accessing simultaneously.

PC to PC
PC to PC

Home Network. Useful and Easy.

In a household with multiple computers and printers, a home network often becomes a necessity.
Copyv allows you to send files between different computers, PCs or Macs, with just a few copy-and-paste clicks.

home sharing
PC to PC

Print from Smartphone.

Print any file from your smartphone directly to your printer, when the software is installed in your PC.

PC to PC